Man brings his own food. I like it.

I’m Johnny but you can all me Johnny. Or Torch. Or you know, Johnny. Up to you.

That’s a… different nickname.

So whyd’they call ya torch? Is it ‘cause you’re smoking hot?

…Not that I- like- think you’re hot or anything.

..Not that I’m calling you ugly-! I just-! Ya know.



Well small freshman who I don’t know, I bought enough to feed a small army so - dig in.

Whatever you say, large upper classman.
Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You can call me Peter, by the way.



Anyone hungry?

That’s a funny question, considering I’m always hungry.
…How much food are you willin’ to give?


I’m here because S.H.I.E.L.D offered me a place here, in hope i realize how ‘unique’ my abilities are. I know they’re unique. They didn’t have to tell me.


What about you, Peter. Why are you here?

Abilities…? Man… Everyone here has powers, don’t they?

I-I’m here ‘cause… I.. Really can’t remember. Apparently they liked my grades or.. somethin’. I’m majoring in chemical engineering.


"I’m not exactly sure what they’re doing. It’s a new project." She liked the feeling of his hand in hers, it was comforting. "I usually work with reptile research. Doctor Connors is trying to find a way to regrow limbs, but it’s been a failure."

"I heard that it was similar to the reptile project: DNA splicing. However, I’m not sure what they are trying to get from spiders." 

"You need to apply then. Significantly less people have applied for this project. I guess people have Arachnophobia." She rested her head on his shoulder. Having Peter around at work would be so much fun. A lot of the other people in her department were older than her and don’t take kindly to teens who could possibly take their jobs. 

"Cross Genetic Engineering, basically?" Peter pursed his lips together, remembering something. He had an old notebook that used to be his fathers that had plenty of algorithms and formulas in them… Perhaps this Doctor Connors would like seeing them?

"Well, what about you, Miss Gwen Stacy?" Peter asked, the teasing tone prominent in his voice. "Do you have arachnophobia?~" His hand squeezed hers softly, a light chuckle escaping his lips. "Well, I’ll be sure to apply then. And I’ll be careful. What if I accidentally got injected with something and became half man, half spider? Yuck." The irony here was amazing.


"I have an internship there, actually." Gwen said, she wanted to take it back as soon as she said it. It sounded like bragging. Oscorp internships were competitive. Hundreds of students apply and only a handful get picked.

"But, I did see the flyers. Spider research sounds interesting."

"You should apply. I’m sure your more than qualified. Plus, we can see each other at work." She smiled.

"An internship?" Dang. Que the jealousy. Peter had been looking all over for a place to start an internship. At Stark Industries, you had to be over twenty… most other places always filled up fast, giving him no time to actually apply.

"I’d love to see you at work." Peter smiled, looking down at her. They had sat back down on the bed, and were- once again- holding hands. "What type of work do you actually do with the spiders? They’re pretty cool. I’ve always had an interest in them…"


Oh yes, darling.. Just another false accusation about the Frosts last name. My last name is far from why I like snow. I’ve grown used to that rare time people think that, so don’t bother apologizing.


'Darling'…? Ah, anyway-
So, what’re you at Shield State for?
…Sorry, that.. that sounded /really/ accusing. I was just— you know— curious as to, uh, as to what you’re majoring in.


That I can agree with, the slush is just pain gross.


Emma Frost, Darling. And you are?

Peter Parker.

Emma Frost? Well- of course you’d have to like snow, what with the last name of ‘Frost’ and what not…

Sorry, you’ve probably gotten that loads of times.


Your eyes were not deceiving, I too heard something about snow on the news today..


A white thanksgiving? That’s new.. It sounds.. Exciting.. I guess you have me dreaming of a white thanksgiving also…

Ew… Snow.

I mean, I like snow… Just not the— the, uh, slush that comes afterwards. That stuff’s just gross.

I don’t think I’ve met you before… What’s your name?

Do my eyes deceive me, or is there a weather forecast for snow?

The third of November, and there’s already gonna be snow. Guess I’ll be dreamin’ of a white Thanksgiving at this rate.